Espresso Brewing

Espresso Brewing

Espresso Brewing - A Complete Guide

As per an estimate, the average American spends a whopping $1,100 on coffee from coffee shops. It's time you start thinking of how you can spend this money elsewhere. Once you're done reading this guide, you will never go to a coffee shop for espresso shots! 

Step 1: Grind

To make the perfect brewed espresso coffee, you need to start by grinding some quality coffee beans. Remember, the taste always comes from the right beans. Investing in premium beans is always recommended. Grind the beans to the point where they become very fine. 

The quantity of coffee beans depends on how strong you'd like the flavor to be, but eight grams will be enough for a single shot. Additionally, it is important to follow the right coffee to water ratio. Generally, a 1:2 coffee to water ratio is considered optimum. This means for eight grams of coffee, 16 ml of water is sufficient.

Step 2: Press

Once you're done grinding, transfer the powder to a portafilter and evenly distribute the coffee. You can do this by tapping on it using your finger. It is integral to distribute it evenly, as it contributes to making a nice, intense flavor. Once done, you must press your powdered coffee using a coffee tamper. 

Step 3: Place on the machine

Now comes the most crucial part; how long do you want the coffee to be on the machine?

The time it takes depends on the machine you're using and your preferences. Most machines can make a well-brewed, homemade espresso within 25 to 30 seconds. However, it is a matter of trial and error before you crack the code to the ultimate espresso shot.

While there are other espresso brewing methods besides using a machine, you can make the optimum shot only on a machine. Alternative methods include using a Moka stovetop pot or using an aero press.

And you're done!

Yes. This is how to make espresso - that too at home. However, it's easier said than done. The measurements and time durations discussed in this article are estimates and might need to be revised. Experimenting with your equipment and coffee beans would be best to make the perfect espresso shot. 

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