Our Story

Welcome to "Riposo Coffee Roasters," founded by Husband and Wife Andrew Schittone and Adriana Cabrera where we have a deep love for all things coffee.

Adriana’s grandmother grew up on a coffee farm in Puerto Rico, and she developed a deep passion for coffee from a young age. Adriana’s grandmother would often tell her stories about the rich tradition and history of coffee farming, and she instilled in her grandchildren a love and appreciation for the art of coffee-making.

Meanwhile, Andrew’s father was born in Sicily and had always been surrounded by the vibrant coffee culture of the region. He passed down the Italian coffee tradition to his children.

After our travels to Italy, it left us reminiscing  for the velvety smooth espresso we sipped at Italian cafes. Back at home in New Jersey, we searched to find coffee that matched our Italian experience. So, we started on a journey to recreate that perfect cup. Through a year of research and many attempts, our efforts were rewarded with the birth of the Classico blend. Together with our Grandmother's influence and Father's Italian hertitage, this marked the beginning of our coffee journey.

What Does Riposo Mean?

In Italy, “Riposo” is a traditional mid-afternoon break and is an important part of the country's culture and way of life. It is often seen as a time for rest and relaxation and is an opportunity for people to take a break from the busy pace of everyday life and recharge their batteries. It is a time when people can slow down, relax, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, such as a good cup of coffee.

Our Promise

Here at Riposo, we aim to provide a premium coffee experience for our customers, while also supporting the growth and development of the specialty coffee industry. We are dedicated to preserving the art and culture of Italian espresso, and sharing it with coffee lovers around the world!