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Papua New Guinea Subscription

Papua New Guinea Subscription

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Experience the exotic flavors of Papua New Guinea with our exceptional single origin coffee. Grown in the lush highlands, this coffee boasts delightful notes of berry, dried cranberry, and cantaloupe. Savor the unique combination of fruity sweetness and bright acidity in every sip, as the distinct flavors transport you to the vibrant landscapes of this Pacific island nation. Its complexity and depth make it a favorite among coffee enthusiasts who appreciate the nuances of flavor found in single origin beans. 

Roast Level: Light
Flavor Notes: Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Berry, Dried Cranberry
Region: Goroka, Eastern Highlands
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1600 masl

This coffee is produced in the Goroka region in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, where it is renowned for producing exceptional coffee that captivates the senses. Nestled amidst picturesque mountains and lush landscapes, this region's coffee is cultivated at high altitudes, creating the perfect conditions for the development of unique flavors and aromas. The combination of fertile volcanic soil, consistent rainfall, and cool temperatures contribute to the region's reputation for producing high-quality beans.


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